The first thing that strikes you when you pick up an M 240 is a reassuring feel of build quality, the inclusion of a thumb grip means the cameras solid construction sits well in the hand and balances perfectly.

If you are moving from an SLR system the rangefinder focus might at first glance seem a bit alien, but after a short time it becomes second nature.  The finder displays two frames at one time dependant on which lens is fitted, 28 & 90mm, 35 & 135mm and 50 & 75mm. Unlike its predecessor the M9 the M240 does not have a frame selector lever but if you’re lucky enough to have a bag full of lenses it’s not long before you have a feel for which lens will suit the job.

There is also the option of an electronic viewfinder which takes a live feed from the sensor, this is obviously useful should you fit a lens below 28mm but it also allows the use of R series lenses via a bayonet adaptor.

With the current six bit coded lenses Exif data is stored automatically regarding the lens information, with earlier lenses the focal length & aperture can set manually through the menu.

The M240 is the first digital M to shoot video, 1080p at 24 or 25fps, not ground breaking by today’s standards but still exceptional quality, the camera has a built in mono microphone with the option for an external stereo mic.

The M240 uses a full frame 24 megapixel CMOS sensor capable of capturing stunning detail & colour depth, this coupled to the legendary Leica lens quality provides the foundation for exceptional images.

After using the camera for an hour or so I was getting to grips with the layout & handling. It’s fair to say I didn’t find some of the functions as intuitive as other cameras I’ve used but coming from an SLR background it’s just very different. If you’ve used a rangefinder system before the transition will be much smoother & at the end of the day it’s all about the quality of the end result & in the right hands the results from the M240 speak for themselves.

The Leica M (Typ. 240) is available now from Ace Optics' online store.

Sample Images taken with the Leica M (typ. 240) (Click to view full-size):

Leica M 240 Sample Image: The Circus, Bath

Leica M 240 Sample Image: Royal Crescent, Bath

Leica M 240 Sample Image: Royal Crescent, Bath (2)

Leica M 240 Sample Image: Royal Crescent, Bath (3)

Leica M 240 Sample Image: Lion Statue

Leica M 240 Sample Image: Monument   Leica M 240 Sample Image: Park

Leica M 240 Sample: Royal Crescent Panoramic Crop

Sample Videos shot with the Leica M (typ. 240):