Swarovski 8.5x42 EL SV Swarovision

In 1999 Swarovski introduced the EL range of binoculars, the open bridge design was unique at the time and many manufacturers have now copied this.

The close focus point on the older version was 8.2 feet which is why I bought the Zeiss FL binoculars which focus to 6.6 feet, just that little bit better for butterfly viewing, however the New SV focuses down to an incredible 4.9 feet !

Other improvements over the original EL are a slightly wider field of view of 133 meters at 1000 meters, + / - 5 stop dioptre as opposed to +/-3, a greater eye relief of 20mm makes viewing with glasses easier and a marginally smaller body size. However they are a fraction heavier than the older ELs all be it only 15 grams heavier.

With the aid of the thumb indents on the underside the SVs balance very well and the twist up eyecups now have 3 out positions for maximum comfort and full image viewing.

The new Floride containing HD lenses give a stunningly clear and bright image that is sharp right up to the edge with minimal colour fringing and a very true to life colour, I felt the older ELs gave a slightly cooler image!

Essentially, the Swarovski EL Swaroision binoculars will give you as good an image as you are going to get in the current market.

You can buy the Swarovski EL 8.5x42 W B Swarovision from our online store, or take a look at the complete EL Swarovision range.

Swarovski EL Swarovision Family