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Leica Experience Day - 14th May 2016

Wednesday, 4 May 2016 14:59:20 Europe/London

As the south west of England’s ONLY Leica Premier dealer, we are hosting a day showcasing the SL, M and T systems, the Q, D-lux, V-Lux and X cameras alongside their superb range of binoculars and telescopes.

Experts from Leica will be on hand to offer help & advice across the extensive range of premium products. They will be delighted to discuss and demonstrate the products to you & offer advice on existing equipment.

Refreshments will be available from 12.00 to 4.00 PM

We would welcome your email outlining any specific interest or enquiry you have in advance so that we may best help you on the day.

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Comments | Posted in Optics Cameras By Ian Reader-Schofield

Leica Q Announced!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015 15:17:16 Europe/London

Leica Q 'You' Banner

Reimagining the Photographer’s Everyday Camera, Leica Unveils the Leica Q Today, Bringing Iconic Leica Features to an Innovative New Camera

Thanks to High Quality Leica Optics and an Exceptional Feature Set, Photographers Can Now Capture Rich Detailed Imagery Anywhere in a Snap

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Leica Ultravid 7x42 HD+ Review by Ian

Tuesday, 7 April 2015 10:53:02 Europe/London

Leica Ultravid 7x42 HD+ Binoculars

The 7x42 specification in binoculars is one that is often overlooked, mainly in favour of the 8x42 models but the 7x magnification does offer benefits so as one of the latest additions to Leica’s binocular line up I decided to give them a try.

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Comments | Posted in Optics Reviews By Ian Reader-Schofield

Leica T (typ.701) Interchangeable Lens Camera Review by Ben

Wednesday, 8 October 2014 15:44:39 Europe/London

When Leica announced the Leica T (Typ. 701) in April/May I was mostly sceptical, but also a little intrigued. I had to look twice at its specifications, especially concerning its 3.7” touch screen. At first glance it seemed extremely ‘un-Leica-ish’ but after holding one, many aspects that are suitably Leica shone through, such as its solid aluminium casing that’s been hand polished for 45 minutes. I have to give the German camera manufacturer credit for being so bold to even think of designing this camera in the first place. The T is an amalgamation of traditional Leica aesthetic and modern ‘smart-phone’ usability. Its 16 Million pixel APS-C sized sensor gives outstanding resolution across a wide range of conditions and it’s a treat to view them on the 1.3 million dot 3.7” LCD screen. With a dedicated movie record button, (one of the few buttons it has) capturing HD quality video is frighteningly simple.

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Comments | Posted in Reviews Cameras By Ben Spicer

Leica M (typ.240) Digital Rangefinder Camera Review by Ian

Friday, 3 October 2014 16:41:12 Europe/London

The first thing that strikes you when you pick up an M 240 is a reassuring feel of build quality, the inclusion of a thumb grip means the cameras solid construction sits well in the hand and balances perfectly.

If you are moving from an SLR system the rangefinder focus might at first glance seem a bit alien, but after a short time it becomes second nature.  The finder displays two frames at one time dependant on which lens is fitted, 28 & 90mm, 35 & 135mm and 50 & 75mm. Unlike its predecessor the M9 the M240 does not have a frame selector lever but if you’re lucky enough to have a bag full of lenses it’s not long before you have a feel for which lens will suit the job.

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Comments | Posted in Reviews Cameras By Ian Reader-Schofield

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