This is the month to head to the south or east coast, Lots of wildfowl will be arriving, head for the Norfolk coast for Brent and Pink footed Geese these should be here in the thousands and it’s a stunning site to see!

With strong North East winds the Norfolk coast is the best place to see Little Auks and Waxwings, if you can stand the cold!!!

 Closer to home, Slimbridge in Gloucestershire is brilliant for Ducks, Swans and Geese, all giving very close views from the many hides , in the past it was possible to see thousands of White fronted geese here but now as it is getting milder the numbers are down to a few hundred !

If we get prolonged west / south west winds, Severn Beach can be very good for Leach’s Petrel, I have had my best views of these tiny sea birds from here, the best place to look from is from the sea wall opposite the village an hour either side of high tide!

Recent Bird records (South Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and the old county of Avon)

Reports in RED are my own sightings (number) = total species seen this year so far, I am trying to get to 250 in one year!

Total so far this year 267



Great Northern Diver, Guillemot, 2 Great Skua and 60+ Kittiwakes at Severn Beach


Pomarine Skua, 2 Arctic Skuas, 4+ Great Skua, 100+ Kittiwakes at Severn Beach

22 Woodcock on Salisbury Plain


Red Necked Grebe still on pit 68 at the Cotswold Water Park


300+ Black Tailed Godwits at Northwick Warth


Bearded Tit and Black Redstart at Oldbury Power Station

Smew at Corsham Lake


Grey Phalarope at Severn Beach

4 Whooper Swan at Chew Valley Lake


Glossy Ibis still at Pilning Wetlands

Red throated diver, 5 Great white egrets at Chew Valley Lake


Pomarine Skua, Grey Phalarope, 4 Great Skua, Shag, 20+ Kittiwake 2 Gannet at Severn Beach (267)


Black Guillemot, 3+ Leach’s Petrels, 60+ Kittiwake and a Gannet at Severn Beach

Glossy Ibis still at Pilning Wetlands (265) One of the Leach’s Petrels flew over the sea wall and crashed into a hedge, it was taken into care, fed on Tuna and Cod liver oil , released 2 days later, it flew strongly out to sea .


Leach’s Petrel and a Pomarine Skua at Severn Beach

Glossy Ibis still at Pilning Wetlands

Grey Phalarope at Shepperdine


7 Great White Egrets and a Red Throated Diver at Chew Valley Lake


Glossy Ibis still at Pilning Wetlands


Glossy Ibis at Pilning Wetlands / Northwick Warth area (264)

2 Red Necked Grebe still on pit 68a of the Cotswold Water Park


Purple Sandpiper, Short Eared Owl and a Jack Snipe at Severn Beach, nearby 2 Firecrest at Orchard Pools

Semipalmated Sandpiper again at Slimbridge

5 Great White Egrets at Chew Valley Lake

4 Great White Egrets and a Black Necked Grebe at Blagdon Lake


Whooper Swan and Bittern at Slimbridge


4 Cirl Bunting at Labrador Bay, 3 Cattle Egrets at Teigngrace, Serin at Exmouth Devon (263)

Cattle Egret

Cattle Egret

Cirl Bunting

Cirl Bunting

Cirl Bunting

Cirl Bunting



Leach's Petrel

Leach's Petrel

Leach's Petrel

Leach's Petrel