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Ace Optics stock a range of films from Fujifilm and Ilford, including Ilford XP2, which is a B&W-style film which can be developed within a normal C-41 (colour) process. We offer most in both 135 (35mm) and 120 format. We also carry the instant print film for the Fuji Instax range. Should you require any assistance, or wish to obtain a film we do not routinely stock, such as larger format sheet and roll film, please contact us or give us a call of +44 (0)1225 466364.

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  1. Single Film

    Fujifilm Superia X-Tra 400 Film

    Starting at: £5.89

    • Excellent skin tone reproduction
    • Subtle fine-grain quality
    • High-speed image quality
    • Crisp & sharp images that are full of detail
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  2. Ilford HP5 Plus Film-20

    Ilford HP5 Plus Film

    Starting at: £5.50

    • High Speed ISO 400
    • Great results in varied lighting conditions
    • Wide exposure latitude
    • High speed, medium contrast film
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  3. Ilford XP2 Super 400 36 Exposure Film-20

    Ilford XP2 Super 400 36 Exposure Film


    • High speed ISO 400
    • B&W Film using colour C41 Process
    • High contrast, well defined highlights
    • Extremely wide exposure latitude
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