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Although it's widely acknowledged UV filters have little or no effect upon the colour reproduction of digital cameras which have UV filters built into the sensors, it still pays dividends to keep a quality coated filter on the front of your valuable lens. After all, replacing a 'sacrificial' filter is far less costly than a repair to the scratched or otherwise damaged front element. Additionally, many sealed lenses require a front filter fitted to complete the weather resistance. Of course, if you're using film, a UV filter also ensures colours remain true, as the interraction of ultraviolet light with the film emulsion can create a cyan cast. Here at Ace, we carry a wide range of UV filters and polarisers to cut down on reflected polarised light and deepen blue skies. Brands we stock include B&W and Tiffen. Should you need any help deciding which filter best fits your needs, feel free to contact us or phone on +44 (0)1225 466364.

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