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From underwater shots to a motorcycle handlebar mount, GoPros are rugged and built to capture footage in places no other camera will go. A wide range of mounts are available to suit almost any application you can think of, from remote-controlled drones for aerial footage to the more terrestrial suction cup and harness mounts. In addition several different enclosures are available, from the 60m underwater housing to a minimalist 'frame' mount to keep the camera as compact as possible, through a 'blackout' housing which conceals the LEDs on the camera for maximum stealth. The latest GoPro models feature Wi-Fi to allow remote control and capture from a smartphone or tablet, and the Hero3+ Black Edition also includes a remote control. Should you requre any assistance with choosing the GoPro and accessories for your needs, please contact us or give us a call on +44 (0)1225 466364.

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