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Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX Flashgun

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Quick Overview

  • E-TTL II Flash metering

  • Guide Number of 24

  • Functions as a wireless master flash

  • Two flash heads that can be fired together or independently

  • Modelling flash capability

  • Mounts to the front of macro lenses or each head can be independently placed


Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX Flashgun


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  • Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX Flashgun


A macro twin lite for specialist macro photography

Take control of your macro photography lighting with the Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX. Designed for macro specialists it provides versatility in both light direction and power.

Automatic flash metering

Compatible with all EOS digital SLR cameras, the Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX offers fully automatic E-TTL II flash metering for accurate flash exposures in all situations. Each flash head has a Guide Number of 12 giving a combined power of Guide Number 24. This provides enough flash power even when working at high magnifications.

Ratio control

Control the two flash heads together or independently for creative results. Adjust the ratio control between the flash heads within a six-stop range to create complex lighting effects. A circular lens mount allows the twin lites to be rotated around the lens for lighting either from the sides or above and below. Remove the two flash heads from the mounting ring and place them separately for greater control over light direction or more complex lighting.

Wireless Master flash

Use the wireless master function to trigger remote EX-Series Speedlites. Controlling a third lighting group of one or more slave Speedlites enables you to light other areas of the scene, like the background, more effectively.

Focusing lights

Working at high magnifications can make focusing difficult. A focusing light on each flash head provides subject illumination to aid manual focusing. Two different modelling flash settings enable you to fire a strobe pre-flash with the depth-of-field preview button. The default setting fires the two tubes at the appropriate power setting to allow accurate judgment of where shadows will fall.

Power Source

Powered by 4xAA batteries or external power packs like the CP-E4, the MT-24EX is lightweight and portable. AA batteries provide fast recycling so you can continue to shoot without having to wait between shots.

Custom Functions

With nine Custom Functions, the MT-24EX can be tailored to suit your personal requirements.

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