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Kowa TP-556 Telephoto Lens Scope and Accessories

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Product Name Price Qty
TP556 Telephoto Master Lens With TP-100LH Lens Hood
TP-88EC1 Prism Unit For Scope Use
TX07-C 350mm f4 Mount Adapter - Canon Fit
TX07-N 350mm f4 Mount Adapter - Nikon Fit
TX07-K 350mm f4 Mount Adapter - Pentax Fit
TX07-M 350mm f4 Mount Adapter - Micro 4/3 Fit
TX10-C 500mm f5.6 Mount Adapter - Canon Fit
TX10-N 500mm f5.6 Mount Adapter - Nikon Fit
TX10-K 500mm f5.6 Mount Adapter - Pentax Fit
TX10-M 500mm f5.6 Mount Adapter - Micro 4/3 Fit
TX17-C 850mm f9.6 Mount Adapter - Canon Fit
TX17-N 850mm f9.6 Mount Adapter - Nikon Fit
TX17-K 850mm f9.6 Mount Adapter - Pentax Fit
TX17-M 850mm f9.6 Mount Adapter - Micro 4/3 Fit
TP-95FT 95mm Protective Filter
Kowa TSN-EC3 Eyepiece Converter

Quick Overview

  • Two products in one!
    Use as a telephoto camera lens & as a spotting scope

  • Fluorite crystal Prominar XD lenses

  • Lightweight & compact design

  • Dust & weather proof structure

  • Dual focus rings

  • Compatible with existing Kowa eyepieces & accessories

  • 3 focal lengths & a choice of 4 camera mounts

  • Ideal for those who want to enjoy observation & photography


TP-556 Master Lens


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  • TP-556 Master Lens
  • TP-88EC1 Prism Unit
  • TX07 350mm f/4 Adaptor
  • TX10 500mm f/5.6 Adaptor
  • TX17 850mm f/9.6 Adaptor
  • TP-95FT Filter (with oil and water repellent coatings)
  • TSN-EC3 Eyepiece Bayonet Adaptor
  • TP-100LH Lens Hood (Included with master lens)


For years bird observation & photography have travelled side by side, now with this superb new modular system the two can combine with an ease never previously thought possible.

As A Spotting Scope

Making effective use of the outstanding optical system of the master lens, the telephoto lens can be used as a spotting scope by connecting it to the optional prism unit and eyepiece. Through the use of a simple and easy to use bayonet mounting system, switching between "photographing" and "observation" with the lens is easily accomplished. When used as a spotting scope, crystal clear images can be enjoyed since there is no focusing screen.

Digiscoping with a compact camera
By connecting a compact digital camera when configured for use as a scope, it is possible to achieve focal lengths of 1000-3000mm & more, allowing for photography of subjects at long distances which would not otherwise be possible. When configured as a scope, digiscoping is possible with a Kowa DA-4 & related accessories which are compatible with the Kowa TSN-880 series scopes.


As A Telephoto Lens

To minimize chromatic aberration (color blur) that occurs in long focal length lenses, the PROMINAR telephoto lens utilizes one pure fluorite crystal lens and two XD (eXtra-low-Dispersion) lenses. Bringing together the advanced optical technology fostered through decades of spotting scope development with the use of a fluorite crystal lens has produced a camera lens with extremely high contrast and sharp images.


Lightweight & compact design with outstanding portability
With the 500mm mount the whole package weighs about 1.9kg. The compact size makes it extremely portable & its lightweight design allows for hand-held shooting. Also, with a length of only 250mm (without mount) the lens can easily be carried in a small backpack.

Long hood with attached sight
A lightweight long hood is included as standard. The hood mounting screw has a special shape that allows it to be used together with the sight attached to the camera, aiding swift aiming when attempting super-telephoto photography.

Dustproof & weatherproof structure
The objective lens & focusing units utilise rubber O-rings to seal the housing of the lens for enhanced dust & weatherproofing.

Easy to use dual focus
The Kowa dual focus system has been adopted for the lens, providing two focusing rings; a quick focusing ring for rapid focus adjustment & a fine one for detailed adjustment.


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