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Kowa TSN-773 (Angled) Spotting Scope Body

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Quick Overview

  • 77mm objective lens

  • Magnesium alloy body

  • New dual focus system

  • Eyepiece locking mechanism

  • Waterproof & nitrogen filled 

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Kowa TSN-773 (Angled) Spotting Scope Body


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  • Kowa TSN-773 (Angled) Spotting Scope Body


Our Optics Specialist Says ...

The 773 is an amazingly compact 77mm scope that raises the bar for optical performance & challenges it's larger compatriots for image brightness & detail.


Ask anyone in the birding fraternity ‘have you heard of Kowa?’ – the answer will always be yes, in fact many birders first scope would have been a Kowa. For the first time buyer the brand might not be as familiar as some but Kowa have been making quality optics since 1952.

With the introduction of the TSN 77 & 88 series Kowa upped their game & suddenly Kowa were standing shoulder to shoulder with the big names in optics. Large objectives & top quality optics provide stunning performance even under poor lighting conditions or high magnifications.

If you’re looking for a first scope or looking to upgrade take a look at the Kowa 77 & 88 series & realise why people in the know- know Kowa.

Advanced design

The body design of the Kowa 773 ( Angled )  model is designed to be lightweight despite the large objective lens. Every detail of the ergonomic design has been tailored to ensure ease of use & performance for the needs of the most demanding user.

Magnesium alloy body

The TSN 773 body is constructed from magnesium alloy offering the feel & strength of conventional metal bodies while reducing  weight. The rugged construction provides the user with confidence even in the most severe of conditions.


Dual focus mechanism

The TSN 773 body incorporates a dual speed focus system to allow both rapid & precise focussing from 5 meters to infinity. The coarse focus allows rapid movement from maximum to minimum focus in just two revolutions. The fine focus allows for pinpoint accuracy which is extremely useful when at high magnifications or when digiscoping.


Eyepiece locking mechanism

 The eyepiece bayonet of the scopes incorporates a locking mechanism for added security & peace of mind.



Tripod mount

 By use of a brass insert the tripod foot allows the scope to be fitted to tripods using either the ¼ inch or 3/8 screw thread.


Compact size

The innovative inner focus system keeps the prism housing light & compact allowing an amazingly small body length for a 77mm objective scope.


Waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen gas

The TSN 773 body is sealed & dry nitrogen filled to prevent internal fogging even during rapid temperature changes.


Features :

  • Large exit pupil provides bright images and ease of viewing
  • All lenses made of environment friendly Eco-glass
  • Use of magnesium alloy increases durability while reducing weight
  • The inner focus system decreases image movement when focusing
  • Eyepiece locking mechanism prevents the eyepiece from falling out or being lost
  • The advanced lens system of the TSN-770 Series allows for a compact size and achieves less chromatic aberration without compromising brightness
  • Little to no chromatic aberration; even at higher magnifications
  • New lens coatings increase the light transmission ratio, providing brighter and more natural viewing
  • Rugged and durable metal body
  • Waterproof and nitrogen purged to prevent the lens from fogging
  • Tripod mount with insert allows the use of 1/4 or 3/8 inch tripods
  • Symmetrical body shape and centre focus knob allows ease of use for right or left handed
  • Exceptionally rugged and druable mental body in natural green colour
  • Smooth and steady focusing
  • Rigorously tested to ensure long life and durability
  • 773 & 774 Only: Kowa's "Prominar" Pure Fluorite Crystal lenses eliminate chromatic aberration


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