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Leica Digital Adapter 3

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Quick Overview

  • Easily attach cameras to a Leica scope

  • Produce high quality digital pictures of distant subjects

  • Compatible with almost any compact camera

  • Numerous safety mechanisms to protect the camera at all times


Leica Digital Adapter 3


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  • Leica Digital Adapter 3


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The LEICA DIGITAL ADAPTER 3 is suitable for use with almost all digital compact cameras. Its cleverly designed adjustment mechanism ensures that the adapter fits perfectly on any digital camera. Numerous safety mechanisms also ensure that the camera body is provided with maximum protection at all times. The adapter is connected to the spotting scope by an innovative locking ring that securely holds and supports the camera and adapter. Its variable distance adjustment enables mounting on all Leica spotting scopes.

With the Leica Digital Adapter 3, you can easily attach Leica C-Lux and D-Lux models, and many other digital cameras or even cell phones with integrated cameras, on the Leica Televid high-performance spotting scopes. Provided that the attached device has the necessary capabilities, it allows you to produce high quality digital pictures of distant subjects.

Compatible Eyepieces : The Leica Digital Adapter 3 is designed for the Leica Televid 65/82 models, for which there are specific eyepieces. It can, however, also be used on eyepieces of the earlier Televid 62 and 77 modes - except for the following : 40x, 40xww, 20-60x.

Note : The spotting scope extends the focal length of the camera/phone by the eyepiece magnification factor.

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