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Leica E39 Filters

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Quick Overview

  • Made of optically pure glass

  • Full performance of the lens is retained

  • UV filters offer protection & can be left in place

  • UV/IR filters are needed on the M8 to eliminate colour offset


Leica E39 Filter Black


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  • Leica E39 Filter Black
  • Leica E39 Filter Silver



The Leica filters for the Leica M system are made of optically pure glass, parallel plane ground and precisely annealed, so the full performance of the Leica M lenses is retained even with a filter attached. The range is purposely limited to the filters most commonly needed in photographic practice: The UVa filter primarily performs the role of protecting the front element of the lens, and can be left permanently attached.

Leica UV/IR filters are required for the Leica M8 in order to completely eliminate the colour offset caused by infrared light.

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