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Leica Finger Loops For Handgrip M

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Leica Finger Loop For Handgrip M - Small

Quick Overview

  • Optional accessory finger loop

  • Available in various sizes

  • Can be used with either the standard or multifunction handgrip M

  • Particularly useful with heavier R-lenses


Leica Finger Loop for Handgrip M (Grip not included)


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  • Leica Finger Loop for Handgrip M (Grip not included)


The optional accessory finger loop in various sizes (S, M and L) can further enhance the safe and steady handling of the Leica M and lens system. The loop can be used with either the handgrip M (without additional functions) or the multifunctional handgrip M. and can significantly improve camera handling when shooting -particularly with heavier R-Lenses.

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