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Leica M-P (Typ. 240) Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black

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Quick Overview

  • Outstanding image quality thanks to the newly developed LEICA MAX CMOS Sensor

  • Extended applications with Live View and electronic viewfinder

  • Simple and effective high-precision focusing thanks to Live View focus and focus peaking

  • Digital full frame for Leica R lenses, with the Leica R-Adapter M

  • "Leica Look" videos with Full HD video capture (1080p)

  • Enhanced sensitivity range up to ISO 6400

  • 3" display with 920,000 pixels, Sapphire crystal screen protector

  • Fast image processing from the high-quality Leica Maestro image processor

  • Splash protected body

  • Extremely long battery life

  • Multi-pattern and spot exposure metering

  • Revised ergonomics and controls

  • 2GB buffer allows 3FPS sustained shooting

  • Subtle design with classic 'Leica Camera' script on the top plate and no red dot

  • Depicted Lens Not Included

  • One Only!


Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black


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  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black
  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black Front View
  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black Back View
  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black Right View
  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black Left View
  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera in Black Top View
  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera Detail 1
  • Leica M-P Digital Rangefinder Camera Detail 2


Always Ready

Always ready to capture the decisive moment

The Leica M-P features a two gigabyte memory buffer, making it twice as fast at capturing sequential shots than the Leica M.

Exceptionally Resilient

Exceptionally resilient

A scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass is used for the protective cover of the LCD monitor screen of the Leica M-P. This is one of the world’s hardest materials and is virtually unbreakable. An anti-reflective coating on both sides of the glass also improves image reviewing, even in unfavourable light conditions.

Noticeably unnoticeable

Noticeably unnoticeable

The Leica M-P enables authentic true-to-life images to be captured. Its compact size, minimalist design and almost silent shutter make it the ideal companion for unobtrusive photography. This is discreet Leica at its best with only the top plate bearing a subtle Leica logo.

Maximum image quality

Maximum image quality

The Leica M-P is responsible for capturing exceptional image sharpness and the finest renditions where specific detail matters. The Leica M-P is equipped with a 24 megapixel, high-resolution, full-frame (24x36 mm) CMOS sensor – the Leica MAX 24 MP. In combination with the high-performance Leica Maestro image processor, this guarantees you outstanding pictures every single time, while low image noise ensures the Leica M-P is perfect for minimal light photography.

Sharp pictures guaranteed

Sharp pictures guaranteed

The classic rangefinder (a combined viewfinder and rangefinder) enables fast and accurate focusing with total precision. Two additional focusing options provide even more creative opportunities. ‘Live View Zoom’ offers 10-fold magnification of the Live View display and ‘Live View focus peaking’ can automatically highlight sharply-focused contours in a choice of red, green or blue – providing you with total control and effortless focusing.

Moving pictures with the Leica look

Moving pictures with the Leica look

The unique imaging qualities of Leica lenses are used with the 1080p, full-HD video recording capability of the Leica M-P. Perfect exposure control and recording settings allow you to complement your still pictures with professional video recordings – producing premium quality imagery that is the true hallmark of Leica photography.

Universal options

Universal options

Live View is a common feature of both the Leica M-P and the Leica M. It allows subjects and scenes to be composed through the lens – with full control of depth of field, exposure, framing and sharpness. The large, high-resolution 3" monitor screen (920,000 pixels) of the Leica M-P is ideal for the precise assessment of sharpness, exposure and the colours of a subject. Like many of its legendary M ancestors, the Leica M-P has a frame selector to help you choose the optimum focal length for any subject or scene.

For long shoots

For time consuming shoots

An upgraded rechargeable lithium-ion battery (1800 mAh) offers impressive performance and high capacity for shooting over long periods of time between charges. Safari is a name associated with a simple environment and an abundance of wildlife. With no power around, the last thing you need is poor battery performance. Leica are renowned for never letting you down when needed to perform!

Ergonomic handling

Ergonomic handling

In the Leica M-P, the traditional, highly-regarded exposure functions of the M-System are united with a superb cutting edge ergonomic design. Thanks to an easily accessible thumbwheel on the top plate, intuitive menu navigation and a user-friendly menu interface for the monitor screen on the back of the camera, this all leaves you clear to concentrate on what you want to – the image you want to capture!

Photography in any weather

Photography in any weather

Leica has a deserved and hard-earned reputation for building cameras which last a lifetime. Thanks to body components machined from solid brass, a one-piece magnesium alloy chassis and a sapphire crystal screen protector, the body and monitor screen can easily withstand normal day-t-day wear and tear. Specially designed rubber seals protect the camera body against penetration from splashes, moisture and dust when shooting in less than perfect conditions.

Faster results

Faster results

The virtually instant image data processing speed achieved through the combination of the Leica MAX 24 MP sensor with the Leica Maestro image processor is astonishing. Thanks to short buffering times and a massive two gigabyte memory, exposures can be captured in rapid sequences without missing a shot. Thanks to the independent segments of the processor, it is now possible to process one image while the previous image is being written to the memory card.


Download the full specifications from Leica (52.5KB, PDF Format)

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