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Leica Ultravid HD Binoculars

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Quick Overview

  • High Definition : The new generation of binoculars with improved optical performance

  • AquaDura Coating Technology : Water simply drips cleanly away

  • Improved Prism Coating Technology : A brighter image in any viewing situation

  • Shock-Absorbent Rubber Armoring : Slip proof even in wet weather & protected from damage

  • Supplied with cordura case, lens cap, eyepiece cover & neoprene carry strap  

  • The HDs give the brightest image & best definition of any Leica to date


Leica Ultravid HD Binoculars


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  • Leica Ultravid HD Binoculars


Ultravid HD

The Ultravid range has always impressed with its technical and optical performance standards. Now with the innovative new Ultravid HD series, with 50, 42 and 32 mm lens diameters, Leica are again setting new performance benchmarks.

Fluoride lenses
With the help of the new fluoride (FL) lens glass, in each Leica HD model, both the colour fidelity and image contrast are further improved. Optical FL lenses are to a large extent made up of calcium fluoride. Unlike conventional optical lenses, this creates a very low level of dispersion (light scattering) and corrects aberration (imaging errors) significantly better. So, as a result, the viewing experience is more natural and impressive than it has ever been before.

Leica AquaDura-Coating
The Leica AquaDura coating is a "hydrophobic coating" which, with its water and dirt repelling properties, ensures clear visibility even in poor weather conditions. Fingerprints and dirt particles are much easier to remove. In addition, thanks to its increased abrasion resistance, Leica AquaDura will protect your valuable lenses from damage even more effectively.

Increased light transmission
As a result of constant development of the anti-reflex coating and reflective layer on the prisms, it has been possible to increase the previously already very high level of light transmission by at least a further 3 %. The new Leica HD range now reliably combines an optimum degree of image brightness with a consistant level of colour fidelity.

Excellent image quality
To eliminate stray or false light effectively, Leica has developed a special software-simulation, which makes stray light visible in the processing phase. Using this technology in the construction of the new HD-models has ensured they are optimised via advanced housing design, better light absorbing paint, apertures and stray traps, such that stray light is almost eliminated.

Consistently smooth focusing - whatever the temperature
The mechanics of the Ultravid HD focussing mechanism have been further refined and as a result focusing is even smoother and remains free of play across the entire range. Optimised material pairings and gliding discs made from extremely tough, high-performance plastic are used. In cold conditions conventional greased focusing mechanis sometimes only work with difficulty and at higher temperatures they move too freely. In fact these focusing mechanisms can feel "sticky" at higher temperatures and there is even a risk that grease can escape and run on the lens. With the new Leica focussing mechanism these risk have been eliminated, working paractically without lubricants.


Image demonstrating the benefit of flouride-containing lenses

Leica binocular magnification power example

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