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Leica Universal Linear Polarising Filter for M

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Quick Overview

  • Polarising filter specifically designed for rangefinder cameras

  • Genuine Leica part

  • Swings out over the rangefinder for composition, then back over the lens for metering and exposure


Leica Universal Linear Polarising Filter for M 13356


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  • Leica Universal Linear Polarising Filter for M 13356


Unlike an SLR, where the user sees his subject looking through the lens, the effect of a polarizing filter cannot be judged in the viewfinder of a rangefinder camera. Nevertheless, many users of rangefinder cameras would like to benefit from the photographic advantages of a polarizing filter, such as higher colour saturation and reduction of reflections on non-metallic surfaces. A very easy-to-handle universal polarising filter solves this problem for LEICA M-photographers. A hinge allows it to be swung exactly 180° over the viewfinder for composition and setting, and back again over the lens for metering and shooting. The two special adapters (threaded rings) for the filter sizes E 39 and E 46 delivered with the filter enable the use of the majority of the present interchangeable lenses for the LEICA M models; others for earlier lenses are also available. The new universal polarizing filter replaces the former model A42.
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