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M System

Since Oscar Barnack designed the Ur(Original)-Leica in the early 20th century, the Ernst Leitz Company (today known as Leica - Leitz Camera) has been at the forefront of small format photography, and the choice of many legendary photographers. With 2012's launch of the Leica M (typ-240), the appeal of a traditional rangefinder shooting experience has landed firmly in the 21st century with options such as full HD video recording, live view and the ability to use an (optional) electronic through-the-lens viewfinder. Compared to bulky SLRs, Leica M cameras are exceptionally discreet, with their small size and whisper-quiet shutters allowing candid photography in almost any environment. More traditional models like the new M-P (Typ. 240) and the revolutionary M Monochrom give Leica shooters plenty of choice, both stylistically and in terms of shooting capability. Should you have any queries about the Leica M system, please contact us or give us a call on +44 (0)1225 466364.

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