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Minox 'Made In Germany' High Grade (HG) BR Series Binoculars

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HG 8x43 BR Binoculars Ex-Demo

Regular Price: £929.00

Special Price £549.00

Minox HG 10x43 BR Binoculars Ex-Demo

Regular Price: £949.00

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Quick Overview

  • New 'Made In Germany' Models

  • Up to 15 % extended field of view

  • Glass from SCHOTT AG, Mainz, Germany

  • Distance-scale for rapid distance-setting

  • Crisp imagery thanks to the MINOTEC coating (only APO HG)

  • Unrivalled lightweight body with ergonomic body shaping

  • Highest light transmission through M* Lens coating

  • Minimise reflection with an anti-glare coating of MinoBright


  • 30 year warranty

  • Apochromatic lenses (only APO HG)


Minox APO HG 10x43 BR Binoculars


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  • Minox HG 8x33 BR Binoculars
  • Minox HG 8x43 BR Binoculars
  • Minox HG 10x43 BR Binoculars
  • Minox HG 10x52 BR Binoculars
  • Minox HG 8x56 BR Binoculars
  • Minox APO HG 8x43 BR Binoculars
  • Minox APO HG 10x43 BR Binoculars


The new MINOX APO-HG & HG reference class in binoculars.

Now with a 15% extended field of view and also ‘Made in Germany’, which means precision engineering


With both sharp optics and natural color rendition the MINOX APO-HG & HG range of high-quality binoculars sees them rank in the top binocular engineering class. Now MINOX engineers have been able to extend the field of view of both model ranges by up to 15% using the latest available technologies.  


Manufactured at our parent plant in Wetzlar, ‘Made in Germany’ is a mark that stands for quality, precision and robustness, as well as being the backbone of our corporate philosophy. Made in Germany acts as a guarantor for meticulous care and precision during the entire development and production process  of quality binoculars designed to meet with any of your most uncompromising demands.


The new APO-HG & HG binoculars deliver maximum performance for you in every discipline. The binoculars come with 21 layers of the M* multi-coating and silver-bearing Minobright reflection for the phase-corrected roof prisms. Rapid response to the environment is made possible using the Quick-Close-Focus (QCF) feature developed by MINOX. Just a single turn of the focusing knob is enough to adjust from infinity to close-up, enabling a very fast reaction in the near-focus range, while still offering you precision focusing at greater distances.


The MINOX APO-HG range also features extremely high quality ED glass, offering you outstanding optical performance with superb images.


Minox have been producing quality products for over 70 years and with their High Grade series they continue their tradition of offering you the finest binoculars where they pay exceptional attention to detail to provide you with both build and optical quality.


With Minox you can expect bright, sharp images with good contrast. The soft rubber armour provides a tactile and comfortable grip whatever the weather, while Argon gas within the lens cavities ensures no internal misting, even under rapid temperature changes.


Minox manufacture the most versatile binoculars you can come across, making them ideal whatever the environment. Whether it is watching polar bears in the Arctic or birds on the table at the bottom of your garden, you’ll be glad you bought Minox.

Up to 15 % extended field of view

Depending on the APO/HG model used, the optimized and newly-calculated prisms, together with eyepieces provide you with an extended field of view of up to 15%

Glass from SCHOTT AG, Mainz, Germany

The high-tech optical glass is "Made in Germany" by the Mainz based SCHOTT AG, which is a subsidiary of the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung, German glass pioneers.

Distance-scale for rapid distance-setting

A quick glance at the focusing wheel makes these binoculars a reliable rangefinder. The scale on the focusing wheel of the MINOX HG binoculars gives information on the distance to the focus object. The new MINOX Quick-Close Focus system needs only one turn of the focusing wheel to adjust the HG-binoculars from close range to infinity.

Clear viewing thanks to MINOTEC (only APO HG)

Thanks to MINOTEC technology used to coat the objective lenses, these can now be cleaned quickly and conveniently. Dust & dirt particles are wiped away with ease.

Unrivalled lightweight body and ergonomic body shaping

All bodies of the MINOX HG binocular series are manufactured using magnesium. This gives them an unrivalled lightness. This ergonomically shaped body is then coated with rubber armor for a comfortable and secure grip, come rain, hail, snow or even shine!.

Minimised reflection through the non-glare coating of MinoBright

This state-of-the-art silver-bearing MinoBright coating is used to create a non-glare surface to the prisms to ensure highest reflection of light. As a result, images are very bright, with high contrast, giving crispness and clarity.

Guarantee for a long life: ARGON GAS

A superior inert argon gas filler protects the internal surfaces against fogging and potential corrosion. 

Apochromatic lenses (only APO HG)

The use of special glass containing fluoride in ED binoculars has improved the optical performance significantly. This glass provides a solid image exceptionally rich in detail  with high colour rendition throughout the visual field. This allows you to see true-to-life images, even under the most critical lighting conditions.

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