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Minox Nautik BN 7x50 DCM Binoculars

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Quick Overview

  • Outstanding optics

  • Non-slip, robust housing

  • Integrated digital compass with graticule

  • Digital barometer with recording function

  • Digital stopwatch

  • Turnable eyecups

  • Waterproof and non-fogging

  • Single ocular setting

  • 30 year warranty


Minox Nautik BN 7x50 DCM Binoculars (White)


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  • Minox Nautik BN 7x50 DCM Binoculars (Black)
  • Minox Nautik BN 7x50 DCM Binoculars (White)


Fast, precise, concentrated: the digital compass display with precise tilt compensation
Full concentration on the moment. All information is visible at the touch of a button – in the fraction of a second. With the digital compass display in the centre of the field of view, you will never lose sight of the most important details.

Perfect ergonomics, thanks to a fully integrated compass
Thanks to its new technology, the BN 7x50 DCM is fitted with a digital compass integrated right into the body of the binoculars. The analogue compasses fitted into conventional water sports binoculars typically protrude out of the body and greatly impair the handling of the binoculars. An advantage making the BN 7x50 DCM a uniquely comfortable companion where ergonomics and functionality are concerned.

Intuitive handling: 360° information at the push of a button
At the simple push of a button, 360° all round information – all important information for the skipper are located right in the middle of the field of view: whether a digital compass display with automatic tilt compensation, air pressure reading, tilt function to assess the height of objects, or a digital stop watch – with the MINOX BN 7x50 DCM you will never lose sight of essential data.

Outstanding optics
Calculated and constructed at the highest of precision, MINOX optics from the Nautic Line offer maximum brilliance and clarity, brightness, contrast and resolution right down to the last detail as well as natural colour rendition.

Water tight and anti-fogging
The MINOX Nautic Line binoculars are filled with nitrogen gas making them water tight and anti-fogging.

Robust and non-slip rubber armouring
The MINOX Nautic Line binoculars are all covered in a particularly robust non-slip rubber armouring, ideal for rough use on water.

Turnable eyecups – uniquely fast, practical, user friendly
With or without eyeglasses or sunglasses – the quickly adjustable eyecups of MINOX’s Nautic Line are comfortable for all users.

Single ocular setting – fast and sharp, as far as the eye can see
With the single ocular setting, MINOX Nautic Line binoculars remain sharp from 20 meters to infinity.

Digital compass display in the centre of the field of view
The BN 7x50 DCM offers the revolutionary advantage of having the digital compass display right in the middle of the field of view – observed objects and compass display remain in the centre of attention at all times. The BN 7x50 DCM is equipped with a highly sensitive gravity sensor allowing for automatic tilt compensation. The compass functions at the highest level of precision.

Compass display with a digital graticule
Whether the compass display is at "Centre Mark" in the middle of the field of view or displayed as a digital graticule – it is entirely up to you, according to your preferences.

Digital barometer with recording function
A further highlight of the BN 7x50 DCM includes a digital barometer function. This includes the reading of the current air pressure as well as the air pressure over the previous 8 hours. Weather changes can thus be detected and predetermined in good time and for your own safety.

Digital stopwatch
Equipped with a digital stopwatch with split time, the MINOX BN 7x50 DCM leaves nothing more to be desired.

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