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We carry a wide range of binoculars from top brands. If you choose a Swarovski binocular, with their 65 year heritage in top-quality optical instruments, you will surely be impressed by the freedom from chromatic aberration and flat viewing field brought about by their Swarovision coatings and tireless research into optical design. Likewise, Leica binoculars have an outstanding history, from their roots under the Leitz brand to today's outstanding 'HD' models - you're sure to find something to suit you. We also carry Canon image stabilised binoculars, popular with terrestrial and astronomical viewers for the steady views and high magnifications they provide. A number of other leading brands are available to suit your requirements and budget and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us or call us on +44 (0)1225 466364.

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  1. Canon 8x25 IS Binoculars

    Canon 8x25 IS Binoculars


    • Compact, lightweight design
    • Tilt mechanism image stabiliser
    • 8x magnification power
    • Rounded shape
    • Field flattener lens
    • Simple and convenient to use
    • Battery allows 6 hours of continuous operation
    • Centrally mounted controls
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  2. Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars

    Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars


    • Excellent portability
    • Image Stabilization technology
    • High-contrast image
    • Edge-to-edge image sharpness
    • Latest version with improved coatings and re-syled casing
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  3. Canon 12x36 IS III Image Stabilised Binoculars

    Canon 12x36 IS III Image Stabilised Binoculars


    • Powerful, portable binoculars that get you 12x closer
    • Super steady view with a powerful optical Image Stabilizer
    • Precision Canon optics for high resolution and accurate colours
    • Well balanced, rubberised design for durability and comfort
    • Ideal for bird watching, travel and sports
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  4. Canon 15x50 IS AW

    Canon 15x50 IS AW Binoculars


    • High magnification of 15x
    • Large diameter 50mm objective lens for a bright field-of-view
    • Wide field-of-view of 67°
    • Long eye-relief of 15mm
    • Image stabilizer
    • UD element to reduce chromatic lens aberrations
    • Suitable for use in all weather conditions
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