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Digiscoping is the art of utilising a Spotting Scope/Telescope as a telephoto lens for your digital camera. A range of adapters are available to suit both fixed lens (compact) and interchangeable lens cameras. Top quality scopes can provide image quality comparable to high-quality dedicated telephoto lenses, whilst providing an unmatched level of convenience. We carry a range of adapters for all the top scopes from leading manufacturers such as Kowa, Swarovski, Leica and our own Avian ED82 spotting scopes. Should you require any advice on digiscoping, feel free to contact us or phone on +44 (0)1225 466364.

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  1. Kowa TSN-EX16S 1.6x Extender for TSN-82SV/66x/60x Series Spotting Scopes

    Kowa TSN-EX16S 1.6x Extender for TSN-82SV/66x/60x Series Spotting Scopes


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    • The Kowa TSN-EX16S increases the magnification of the current Kowa TSN-82SV/660/600 spotting scopes by 1.6x when combined with the original eye-piece.
    • Compatible with:
      TSN-1/2/3/4 (See note in full description)
      TSN-821/822/823/824 (See note in full description)
      TSN-821M/822M/823M/824M (See note in full description)
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  2. Kowa TSN-EX16 1.6x extender

    Kowa TSN-EX16 1.6x Extender for TSN-770/880 Series Spotting Scopes


    • The long awaited extender for TSN 770/880-series spotting scopes from Kowa
    • Offers 1.6x increase in magnification with virtually no light loss
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  3. Kowa TSN-PA2D (950mm) Photo Attachment

    Kowa TSN-PA2D (950mm) Photo Attachment


    • Camera attachment for film & digital SLR's
    • For Kowa 770 & 880 series scopes
    • 950mm focal length
    • Aperture of f10.8 (880 scopes) or f12.3 (770 scopes)
    • Requires a T-Mount, click here
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  4. Swarovski DCB II Digiscoping Adapter

    Swarovski DCB II Digiscoping Adapter for ATS/STS and ATM/STM


    • Easy handling
    • Slick design for quick & easy use
    • For use with small compact & Compact System Cameras
    • Compatible with ATS/STS scopes
    • Simple and spontaneous
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