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Field Cameras

Field Cameras (also known as Wildlife or Trail Cameras) are motion-activated (or optionally time interval-activated) devices designed to be left in a fixed location which will automatically capture still images or video when triggered by animals passing by. All are battery powered and have an infra-red-illuminated night mode. Some higher end models include the facility to install a mobile SIM card and automatically upload captured footage to the internet (subject to data charges from your operator.) Should you require any advice on these wildlife cameras, please feel free to contact us or phone on +44 (0)1225 466364.

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  1. Minox DTC-390 Trail Camera

    Minox DTC-390 Trail Camera


    • IR-Blackflash (invisible for animals, 940 nm)
    • IR-flash range: 49 ft. (15 m)
    • Fast shutter release (1 sec)
    • Convenient 2.4“ TFT colour monitor
    • HD video resolution
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  2. Minox DTC-550 Trail Camera

    Minox DTC-550 Trail Camera


    • Invisible IR-flash with a range of 15 m / 49 ft.
    • 12 megapixel resolution
    • HD video resolution (1080p)
    • Fast shutter release: 0.4 sec.
    • Up to 9 consecutive images and videos up to 3 min.
    • 2.4" TFT colour display
    • Timer function
    • Battery life of up to 6 months
    • Robust and weatherproof housing
    • 12V port for external power supply
    • Splash-proof (IP 54)
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  3. Minox DTC 700 Surveillance Camera

    Minox DTC 700 Trail Camera


    • Removable camera module
    • Invisible IR-flash with a range of 15 m
    • 6 megapixel resolution
    • Fast shutter release of <1 sec. (0.2 sec. if used with an external power supply)
    • Special MINOCTAR lens
    • Multi-lingual menu navigation
    • SDHC memory card up to 32 GB
    • Convenient 2“ colour display
    • Battery life up to 6 months
    • Robust and weatherproof protective housing with a Camouflage coating
    • USB port
    • Integrated port for external power supply
    • Includes mounting strap and USB cable
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