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Swarovski TLS APO 30mm Digiscoping Adapter for ATX/STX

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Quick Overview

  • Designed specifically for the
    Swarovski ATX/STX Modular Telescopes

  • Excellent optical quality

  • 30mm focal length

  • Designed for use with D-SLR & Compact System Cameras with APS-C sensors

  • For the discerning pro

  • Suitable T2 adapter required to mount camera. See item details for more information.


Swarovski TLS APO Digiscoping Adapter


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  • Swarovski TLS APO Digiscoping Adapter


Modular and user-friendly: digiscoping solutions
There is yet another new feature: For the first time, telescope and digiscoping solutions have been developed in a collaborative process to ensure that the whole system can be used in a quick, simple and user-friendly manner. As a result, the modularity of the ATX/STX telescopes also covers digiscoping. The involvement of users in the development and countless field tests ensure comprehensive functionality and user-friendliness. This innovative development process has resulted in two different adapters. The TLS APO apochromatic telephoto lens system is the first camera lens adapter specifically designed for high-quality digiscoping, with a focus on image quality (30-mm camera lens for APS-C or smaller sensors) and the ability to quickly change between observation and photography. The newly designed TR II telescope rail, with two support points providing high stability and a quick release system for rapid adjustment, rounds off the equipment available and optimises image quality. The highest development and production standards, the lowest possible production tolerance, the maximum level of user-friendliness and the clear commitment to the production site in Tyrol provide a solid foundation for the revolutionary, modular ATX/STX telescope family from SWAROVSKI OPTIK.

The right choice for anyone who appreciates top-quality digiscoping; no matter whether you’re quickly switching between observing and taking photos or waiting in a photo hide to take the perfect close-up of an otter.

This is precisely why the TLS APO was developed as a complete system with the new ATX/STX spotting scopes. Its excellent optical quality and 30-mm focal length make it particularly attractive to the most discerning of digiscopers.


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