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Used Kowa TSN 850mm photo adapter - OP215

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  • Condition: EX++ Very good, light signs of use on bodywork

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Kowa TSN 850mm photo adapter


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  • Kowa TSN 850mm photo adapter
  • Kowa TSN 850mm photo adapter
  • Kowa TSN 850mm photo adapter





This digi-scoping photo adapter can be used with any Kowa 820 series scope (minus the eyepiece). This effectively turns the scope into an 850mm lens when a full frame SLR camera is attached to the back of it via a T2 mount. Cropped sensor SLR's will also work and they will give you an increased focal length of roughly either 1.5x or 1.6x (depending on the model) giving 1275mm or 1360mm respectively.




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