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Zeiss Victory NV 5.6x62 T* Night Vision Scope

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Quick Overview

  • High-performance Generation 2+ intensifier tubes

  • High-resolution, low light optics

  • Ergonomic & robust construction

  • Integrated IR LED

  • Manual brightness regulation

  • Reticle for estimating distances


Zeiss 5.6x62 T* Night Vision Scope


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  • Zeiss 5.6x62 T* Night Vision Scope


Get an insight into the fascinating world of nature even in the dark
When night-time conditions push even the fastest classic binoculars to their limits, the Victory NV 5.6 x 62 T*, with its electronic residual light intensifier, comes into its own. Gain an insight into the behaviour of bats, birds and other shy, nocturnal creatures. Even a new moon poses no problems, as a clear, starry sky is enough to give the brightest, most detailed of images.

High-performance Generation 2+ intensifier tubes
The night vision device is based around a very high-performance Generation 2+ intensifier tube with approx. 20,000 x light amplification capacity. It contains a microchannel plate (MCP), which creates razor-sharp, high-contrast images. In terms of distortion and vignetting it is far superior to earlier generations of night vision devices. An integrated protective function ensures that strong light radiation (e.g. through the sudden appearance of car headlamps) will not cause any damage to the system. You can benefit from having the very latest technology at your side – outstanding expertise from Carl Zeiss.

High-resolution, low light optics
The manually focussed, low light 62 mm lens collects all available light and bundles it onto the highly sensitive photocathode. Both the lens and the eyepiece use the cutting-edge Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer coating for maximum light efficiency. The waterproof and dirt-repellent LotuTec®coating gives you clear, unclouded vision. A perfect interplay of optics and electronics brings you the most wonderful natural observations in the night.

Ergonomic and robust construction
Both optics and mechanics are well protected in their rubber armour housing, which is waterproof and filled with nitrogen. A secure grip and individual, ergonomic operation is guaranteed by the fact that the leather wrist strap can be attached on either the left or the right, depending on whether you are left or right-handed.

Integrated IR LED
If there is absolutely no light and no residual light either, the integrated IR LED can be activated at the touch of a button to provide bright images. The LED generates an infrared light that the eye cannot see, but which allows observation with the NV device to a distance of around 50 m. By using an adapter you can fit an additional torch with an IR filter, which illuminates distances of up to several hundred metres.

Manual brightness regulation
You can adjust the image brightness with ease using the plus and minus buttons on the binoculars. This way your eye can make out details without being dazzled. If the light conditions change in the course of your night-time excursion you can simply adjust the binoculars accordingly.

Reticle for estimating distances
Markings in the field of view, similar to a reticle, give you the option of estimating your distance from the target.

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