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Tripods are the foundation upon which steady, high quality views are achieved with spotting scopes and very large binoculars. A sturdy tripod doesn't have to be heavy, with all of the major manufacturers selling legs made from exotic carbon fibre these days, although aluminium tripods are widely available for more occasional use and those whose budgets will not stretch to carbon models. These still offer a very good balance between portability and strength. A number of different heads are available to suit most tripod legs, depending upon your preference - although we would generally recommend a fluid 'video' head with excellent smooth panning capability. Should you require any advice on which tripod is best for your needs, please contact us or call on +44 (0)1225 466364.

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  1. Padded Tripod Strap with Swivel Fastner

    Padded Tripod Strap with Swivel Fastner


    • Tripod Strap
    • Padded for Comfort
    • Convenient Swivel Fastner
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  2. Centon Tripod Head (Long Handle)

    Centon Tripod Head (Long Handle)


    • 3-way Tripod Head
    • Quick-Release Plate
    • Standard 3/8" Female Tripod Mounting
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  3. Hahnel C5

    Hahnel C5 Tripod


    • Ideal travel tripod
    • 5 Sections
    • Detatchable monopod
    • Ball & socket head
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