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B+W Circular Polarising Multi Resistant Coating (MRC) DH Filters

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Product Name Price Qty
58mm Circular Polarizing (MRC) Filter
62mm Circular Polarizing (MRC) Filter
67mm Circular Polarizing (MRC) Filter
72mm Circular Polarizing (MRC) Filter

Quick Overview

  • Schott glass

  • Control the amount of reflection

  • Can increase saturation

  • Multi-resistant coating

  • Flare prevention

  • Dirt and water repelling


B+W Circular Polarising Multi Resistant Coating (MRC) DH Filters-31


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  • B+W Circular Polarising Multi Resistant Coating (MRC) DH Filters-01


Polarizing filters are an essential for all camera bags. Polarizing filters provide some of the most impressive effects – and ones which are virtually impossible to recreate with digital manipulation software.

Polarizing filters provide control over how much reflection you choose to include in your image.

By rotating the filter in its amount, you can control exactly how your image will look. One of the most useful features of polarising filters is that it can increase saturation – for example on blue skies, or foliage – and also reduce reflections on non metallic surfaces including water and glass.

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