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Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars

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Quick Overview

  • Excellent portability

  • Image Stabilization technology

  • High-contrast image

  • Edge-to-edge image sharpness

  • Latest version with improved coatings and re-syled casing


Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars


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  • Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars Side Cutaway
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  • Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars
  • Canon 10x30 IS II Binoculars Cutaway


Our Optics Specialist Says ...

Want the power of a 10x binocular, but don't want the shake - look no further - state of the art electronics & Canon's optical pedigree combine in this compact performer.

Thanks to their ultra-compact and lightweight design, these are the most portable binoculars to benefit from Image Stabalization technology. This makes them the perfect companion for every type of travelling. Superb for air shows, nature trips and an excellent choice when visiting the race track or watching other spectator sports.

Magnification (x) 10
Objective Diameter (mm) 30
Exit Pupil (mm) 3
Real Field of View
Apparant Field of View 60°
Field of View at 1000 m 105
Closest Focussing Distance (m) +-4.2
Eye Relief (mm) 14.5
Prism Porro Prism
Objective Lens Movement YES
Image Stabilizer YES
Field Flattener Lens Double Field Flattener
Water Resistance YES
Super Spectra Multicoating YES
Weight (excl. batteries) 600 g
Width (mm) 127
Height (mm) 70
Depth (mm) 150


Almost everybody who has ever used binoculars at sporting events or concerts has experienced how much the images shake, and you feel that the binoculars are useless. The main complaint of users has been image shake. The higher the magnification, the larger the image shake. In general, any binoculars with over 10x magnification should not be used for a long time. The best solution in the past was to use a tripod. However, tripods are bulky and can't be used everywhere. Even if you need a pair of binoculars of over 10x magnification for bird watching, the most you would want to use since you walk around a lot would be something of 7x or 8x magnification.

Canon is the worlds first maker to use an active optical image stabilizer for IS series. Because two Vari-Angle Prisms are controlled by a microprocessor, hand shake is eliminated. As a result, even with over 10x magnification, a tripod is not needed. And they can even be used while viewing from a moving car or train! In addition to the light weight, there is no eye strain to make you tired, so it is possible to use these binoculars for a long time.

The image quality around the edges is a very important point to look at when selecting binoculars. If binoculars with inferior image quality are used for an extended period of time, the user will tire easily and may even become sick. The IS series use the worlds first doublet field-flattener lens. This is Canons exclusive optical design with two field-flattener lenses, lenses which are normally reserved for high-grade binoculars. By using two lenses, Canon has achieved a wide field of view with unrivaled sharpness.

The bird that you were following from afar suddenly came close to you. One problem you encounter is the closest focusing distance. In general, the more magnification the binoculars have, the longer the focusing distance. There are plenty of times when you had no choice but to watch with the naked eye, because you couldn't focus in time. Also, when you are bird watching, you are constantly walking around with a pair of binoculars. For that reason, you would like to carry around something light.

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