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Hilkinson 4002S Ruper Magnifier With 2 Lenses

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Quick Overview


The Hilkinson Ruper magnifiers are High Power pocket magnifiers and are used for the close inspection of such items as circuit boards, hallmarks, stamps, watermarks and precious stones. Of very compact size, the lenses of these robust magnifiers are protected by revolving into the metal cover. Frequently used by gemonologists, stamp collectors, coin collectors, collectors of antiques bearing hallmarks, geologists and botanists, these magnifiers have a multitude of applications.


Lens Size 28mm & 15mm
Magnification x8 & x15
Dioptres x8 & x15


Why Ruper? The story goes that when first manufactured for Hilkinson in Japan in the mid-fifties they were to be called Super Magnifiers. An unfortunate typo changed this to Ruper Magnifier. Over 50 years later, the Hilkinson models are still made in the same factory and they are still known as Rupers.



Hilkinson 4002S Ruper Magnifier With 2 Lenses-31


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  • Hilkinson 4002S Ruper Magnifier With 2 Lenses-01


  • 2 lenses with different powers
  • 8x & 15x magnification
  • Polished metal finish
  • Supplied with case
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