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Kite Ardea CF Tripod with Manfrotto 128RC Head

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Quick Overview

  • 100% carbon fibre tubes

  • Twist locks

  • Retractable weight hook

  • Integrated compass

  • Integrated spirit level

  • 2 foam grips

  • Includes Manfrotto 128RC head


Kite Ardea CF Tripod with Manfrotto 128RC Head


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  • Kite Ardea CF Tripod with Manfrotto 128RC Head


Kite’s carbon fibre tripod is specially designed for birdwatchers. The dimensions are a result of field experience. Because of the long and very rigid 100% carbon fibre legs , the scope can be brought to great hight without use of the central column. This provides maximum viewing stability.

In combination to the carbon fibre legs, Areda CF also features magnesium components which improve the total weight and strenght of the tripod.

The very durable twist locks offer best grip and keep the legs in place. As an advantage to the conventional flip locks, twist locks are faster to operate and do not get stuck behind branches or bushes in the field. They also allow the user to easily disassemble the legs for cleaning.  

Just as all other Kite products, repairs and service on the Ardea CF tripod are being carried out with biggest care at the Kite facilities in Belgium.

Specifications (including Manfrotto 128RC head):

Weight: 2.19kg
Minimum height: 43cm
Maximum height with centre column raised: 176cm
Maximum height excluding centre column: 153cm
Folded length: 74cm
Maximum load: 12kg

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