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Swarovski ATX 85 Complete Spotting Scope (25-60x)

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Quick Overview

  • Ingenious new modular design

  • 3 sizes of lens module (65, 85 & 95), ATX or STX eyepiece modules

  • SWAROVISION Field Flattener

  • HD optics with maximum contrast

  • Large field of view and high zoom range

  • Eye relief plus

  • Maximum colour fidelity

  • Easy to transport

  • Wide range of revolutionary digiscoping options

  • Includes FREE Ace stay on case worth over £100 and Collins Bird Guide*

  • *While stocks last 


Swarovski ATX 85 Complete Scope (25-60x)


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  • Swarovski ATX 85 Complete Scope (25-60x)
  • Swarovski ATX 85 Complete Scope (25-60x)
  • Swarovski ATX 85 Complete Scope (25-60x)


Traditionally scopes have either been supplied with a fixed eyepiece or the option to swap eyepieces but at the point of purchase you make a choice of objective lens size & whether to go for straight or angled bodies.

Not anymore. With Swarovski’s modular system you now have the option to mix & match to suit your requirements. Want the ultimate in light gathering? Go for the 95mm module, mostly sea watch? Go for the STX straight module. Need an option to keep the size & weight down for traveling? Switch to the 65mm module.

With stunning optics & superior build quality this new range of scopes offer solutions  for all your viewing situations.


Presenting the ATX/STX modular telescope family from Swarovski Optik
The SWAROVISION modular telescope range has an excellent ergonomic design, helping you to see the world through completely new eyes. The telescope comes in two sections with three interchangeable objective sizes to suit either the angled or straight ocular module, allowing 6 different configurations of the scope. The user friendly design places the zoom and focussing rings together on the body, allowing the use of one hand for zoom and focus control whilst adjusting your tripod with the other – a particularly useful set-up for digiscoping and tracking fast-moving objects.


Innovative modular design allowing never-before-seen versatility
The convenient modular design of the ATX/STX family has never been seen before – for the first time it is possible to adapt your telescope to your circumstances. The ocular and objective modules are independently waterproof, allowing them to be separated and packed in a small space safely. Objective lenses are available in 65, 85 and 95mm sizes, allowing you to decide upon the optimal combination of brightness and detail to suit your portability needs.


Brilliant for digiscoping
For the first time, Swarovski Optik have developed the telescope and digiscoping solutions together, to allow the system as a whole to be quick, convenient and user-friendly. The ATX/STX modular telescope family has been released with two different digiscoping adapters – click here for more details.


Contrast right up to the edge: SWAROVISION FIELD FLATTENER. This type of image definition has never been achieved in any other spotting scope, thanks to the field flattener lenses creating a virtually flat image. Even the finest structures are reproduced with razor-sharp clarity right to the edge with no need for constant refocussing. The result: every detail is instantly captured, producing a perfect image without any distortion.


Maximum Contrast: INCLUDING HD OPTICS. A highly innovative optical design combined with fluoride-containing HD lenses minimise interfering colour fringing. This enables maximum colour fidelity and leads to a significant improvement in resolution and contrast. The result: an even more lifelike, contrast-rich image.


A Complete View: LARGE FIELD OF VIEW AND HIGH ZOOM RANGE. Nothing escapes you. You have your eyes trained on a flock of dunlins, but you catch something at the edge of the picture. A rarity? Thanks to their wide field of view, the ATX/STX spotting scopes provide you with a broader, more exciting platform for your viewing experience. In spite of their high zoom range, the new generation of spotting scopes offers a large field of view. This allows you to achieve optimum magnification and detail recognition and also makes it extremely easy for you to search for and find objects, especially if they are in motion.


Ingenious System: The new modular design offers previously unimagined flexibility and you are free to choose the perfect solution as the situation dictates. In collaboration with experts we have developed digiscoping adapters that open up a new realm of ways in which to observe and share the most beautiful moments. Perfectly designed down to the smallest detail, you will be equipped for any situation.


Just One Hand: When every second counts. Imagine a plover flitting over the shore one minute and taking off into the sky the next. The ATX/STX spotting scope ensures that you are prepared for moments like this. This is because the new position of the zoom ring, which is immediately behind the focussing ring, makes it easier to handle. It means that you can now zoom and focus with one hand, while steering the spotting scopes direction with the other. This completely new ergonomic design offers a crucial benefit for digiscopers in particular. They can now use the camera quickly, easily and accurately with one hand while the other concentrates on zoom and focus.


Easy to Transport: Not a gram too heavy for top optical performance. Size and weight is the name of the game for all those who like to travel or spend long days in the field. The ATX/STX series means that bulky spotting scopes that are difficult to pack and heavy to carry are a thing of the past. The modular design enables you to store the objective and eyepiece modules separately and the small dimensions also mean that you can easily and safely store individual modules in your luggage.


Swarovski ATX/STX 95mm Scope

ATX / STX 30-70x95
The perfect frontiersman
There’s never been anything like it: a spotting scope with such outstanding detail resolution and up to 70x magnification. This even pushes optical tests to their limits. Despite the 95-mm objective lens, this is a slim spotting scope weighing in at just 2 kilograms (75 oz). In a nutshell, it ticks all the boxes for any birder wanting to discover an albatross gliding past an oceanic headland.

Swarovski ATX/STX 85mm Scope

ATX / STX 25-60x85
The powerful all-rounder
This spotting scope can do it all. No matter whether it’s taken on your travels or if you’re spending all day in the reed beds, with the 85-mm spotting scope you are well equipped for every situation. This is the best choice for anyone wanting to travel light and who also appreciates outstanding quality. Its light transmission, zoom range and close focus (3.6 m/11.8 ft) make it the perfect digiscoping tool.

Swarovski ATX/STX 65mm Scope

ATX / STX 25-60x65
The compact traveller
Anyone who enjoys travelling or long days in the field needs a spotting scope that is compact and light. This spotting scope is perfect for anyone looking for outstanding optical performance, a large field of view and impressive close-range focusing, even with a relatively small 65-mm objective lens diameter.


Swarovski Digiscoping



Swarovski STX/STX Specifications


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