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Swarovski ME 1.7x Extender

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Quick Overview

  • Designed for the ATX/STX & BTX series

  • Offers 1.7x increase in magnification


Swarovski ME 1.7x Extender


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  • Swarovski ME 1.7x Extender


The ME 1.7x magnification extender increases the magnification by a factor of 1.7. You can quickly and easily attach it using the bayonet catch to all the objective and eyepiece modules in the ATX/STX/BTX family. In the case of the BTX 65 and 85, the magnification increases from 30x to 50x, and from 35x to 60x for the BTX 95.

Innovative and perfectly tailored accessories not only enhance the capabilities and functionality of your SWAROVSKI OPTIK spotting scope, they also help to protect it. User-oriented concepts and design both play an important role.

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